Scope of Services

Service Range:

  • Civil (continental) and property law:
    1. drafting the contracts, participating in the negotiation process
    2. Collaterals advising
    3. Property law formalities advising
    4. Negotiations with developers and cooperatives
    5. Official texts of opinion
  • commercial law
    1. Creating and registration of legal entities
    2. Corporate regular functioning practice - assemblies, executive changes, capital alterations et al.
    3. Drafting the regulatory provisions, resolutions and other internal administration acts
    4. Drafting the statutes and commercial contracts
    5. Mutations, mergers, splitting and winding up the legal entities
    6. Registration (KRS System) services
  • commercial insurance law
    1. Petitions the the insurance companies, appeals
    2. Court representation in communication, proprietal, obligatory insurance
  • labour law
    1. Drafting the labour contracts and internal labour legislation (labour, salary, social benefits regulations)
    2. Representation on the labour courts
    3. Labour negotiations
  • insolvency law
    1. Creditor/debitor representation during bankrupcy process
    2. Drafting the bancrupcy pledges
    3. Negotiations representation
    4. Sindic representation
    5. Crisis advising
  • law on the bills of exchange
    1. Help in proper filling of the bills
    2. Drafting the bill of exchange agreements
    3. legal representation in bills of exchange proceedings
  • bank law
    1. Negotiations on borrower's, guarantor's, debt taker's behalf
    2. Credit agreements and settlement negotiations
    3. Legal representation in courts